Est. 1963

Lotrec Building Sweden

Welcome to Lotréc!

Lotréc AB, based just outside Stockholm, is an ISO certified company that has over 40 years experience in technical coatings and Release Agent technology.

From our headquarters in Sweden, high performance LUBKO Release Agents have been formulated, manufactured and distributed to all corners of the globe.

Lotréc AB has the capacity to supply the worlds leading industries with large volumes of LUBKO Release Agents and Mandrel Lubricants, yet is small enough to assist those smaller industries with lower volume requirements.

We utilize a comprehensive network of distributors that cover regions such as Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South-east Asia and China.


Cohesive Team of Professionals

Lotréc AB is comprised of a cohesive team of professionals whose goal is not only to provide high quality Release Agents to industry, but rather to provide permanent Release Agent solutions to various manufacturing processes.

In this way we create lasting relationships with both our distributor network and end users, forming an effective business interface that ultimately benefits the LUBKO customer.

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