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What container sizes are LUBKO products supplied in?

LUBKO Release Agents are supplied in 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L containers. Select products are also available in 400ml Aerosol format.

What type of active ingredients are used in LUBKO formulations?

LUBKO formulations contain combinations of high performance Waxes, Silicone resins and PTFE’s, amongst other key ingredients.

I've noticed some LUBKO products gradually sediment, is this a normal phenomenon?

Yes – LUBKO product’s containing PTFE will naturally sediment over time. This will not effect product quality in any way, but it is recommended to simply agitate the product periodically if necessary.

Why should I select a solvent-based product over a water-based product?

In some applications where drying time is critical, for example in low temperature moulding processes, solvent-based products are favoured due to their rapid rate of evaporation.

Are LUBKO solvent-based products able to be diluted?

No – it is not recommended to dilute solvent-based products.

Are LUBKO water-based products able to be diluted?

Yes – all LUBKO water-based products can be diluted with water depending on your requirement. See Product Data Sheet for standard dilution instructions or contact us for our expert advice.

Should LUBKO Release Agents always be applied to a clean mould surface?

Yes – mould surfaces should always be free of other release agents and fouling before introducing LUBKO onto the mould.

How should I apply my LUBKO Release Agent onto the mould surface?

Spraying methods are often recommended for even application, however LUBKO Release Agents can also be applied by means of wiping, dipping and flow-coating in the case of mandrel application.

Should my release coating be completely dry before commencing with moulding cycles?

Yes – the applied LUBKO release coating should always be dry in order for a fully functional dry-film to be formed.

If you have any further technical questions regarding LUBKO Release Agents, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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